The Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Corporations

The OACFDC is a private, not-for-profit member organization, bringing together 61 of Ontario’s Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) and 3 BDCs, or Business Development Corporations. Its small Head Office is located in St. Thomas, Ontario. As its Mission Statement says, the Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Corporations (OACFDC) is committed to supporting and providing services to its membership to improve capacity, efficiency and effectiveness.

The OACFDC serves its member CFDCs and BDCs by identifying and advocating for its members’ needs and delivering programs and services which increase their capacity and/or operating effectiveness. The OACFDC also provides a mechanism for sharing of information among members by acting as a communication center for programs, accountability and reporting. The OACFDC’s Marketing and Communications Program works to increase community recognition of members through the use of a common identifier (logo) and raising the profile of the Community Futures program provincially and nationally. A Board of Directors who come from around the province governs the OACFDC; the Board delegates operation of the organization to an Executive Director and a small staff.

The OACFDC is funded primarily by Industry Canada, through its FedNor (Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario) program, which is directed toward the promotion of community development in rural and Northern Ontario. Funds also come from membership fees paid by members (61 CFDCs and 3 BDCs) and 10 Associate members.

The Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Corporations
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St. Thomas, Ontario
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